Imperfect systems, imperfect people.

Unlike math, two negatives don’t make a positive in our judicial system.

Our Founding Fathers were brilliant in guaranteeing a trial, and judgement by a jury of your peers.

They were powerless to guarantee that the system would be flawless.

In a system that can hand out the ultimate in penalties (death),  not to mention others that can ruin the life of the convicted, that’s a big deal.

Just ask Darrell Williams.

A system  that should thrive on objectivity is overwhelmed with subjectivity. Elected officials, prejudice, bias, prevailing public sentiment, and the media.

I personally know someone who, in a moment of weakness, did something stupid. This person is no more of a threat to children than Big Bird. He is a tremendous father to his two children. I have no problem leaving my own son in his care.

And he is a registered sex offender.

Caught in a culture where sex offenders are sensationalized for TV ratings, he did time and must attend weekly meetings. He must register with local authorities before traveling if he plans to be out of state for more than a couple hours. Attending his kids activities can be a challenge. He had just left a corporate job to start a franchise, and had a successful first year. The incident (all online) took place in November. Authorities came to his house in January. His partner left the business. He had to check the “box” on the application to renew the business license. Franchise done. Started 2 jobs, performed well, but when promoted his application was reviewed in detail. Suddenly his services were no longer needed.

His life was ruined over a few online chat sessions and a picture.

Not so much because what he did was criminal or evil, but more because the Governor and State’s Attorney had an agenda.

If we are going to ruin or end lives, then we need to hold our legal system to the highest of standards. Imperfection cannot be tolerated, otherwise we can’t be allowed to ruin and end lives.

One innocent casualty is one too many.